Since the Second Intifada erupted in September 2000 and till the end of 2007, 1,246 MPCID (Military Police Criminal Investigations Division) investigations were opened regarding various offenses that IDF soldiers allegedly committed against Palestinian residents. These offenses include shootings, violence and abuse, damage to property (primarily looting and theft) and other offenses. Yesh Din’s data sheet demonstrates that indictments against soldiers were filed in only 76 (about 6 percent) of the cases.

The data sheet was published as part of a project by Yesh Din to increase the transparency of IDF law enforcement procedures on soldiers suspected of committing crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories against Palestinian civilians and their property.

As part of the project, Yesh Din is working to expose data regarding investigation and prosecution procedures conducted following incidents in which members of the security forces are suspected of committing crimes against Palestinian civilians. Most of this information has never been made public and in some instances, was not even collected by the public authorities charged with enforcing the law.

The data sheet indicates that MPCID commanders rarely report on suspicions of criminal offenses by soldiers against Palestinian civilians and their property.