Statement on website accessibility

Updated October 1, 2020

Yesh Din is committed to providing users of this website with accessible content, pursuant to the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adjustments) Regulations, 5773-2013.

We do our best to apply updates and accessibility regulations to our website according to Israeli accessibility standards. We strive to provide equal opportunities on the internet for people with a variety of disabilities and for people using assistive technology for internet browsing.

This website complies with accessibility standards SI 5568 (Israel) and level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Accessibility is adapted for use with the leading web browsers.

Browsing the website

This website is accessible only by keyboard.

Pressing the Tab key shifts the keyboard’s focus between various sections; pressing Enter enables the user to select an option. To navigate back, press Tab + Shift simultaneously. The website is adapted for NVDA screen reader software use. Upon entering the website, users may navigate directly to the content section by pressing Alt + Z simultaneously or by pressing Enter.

Problems? Contact us!

We invest time and effort to improve our website’s accessibility as part of our commitment to ensuring browsing for all visitors, including those with disabilities. If you have questions concerning accessibility or have difficulty browsing our site, please contact Lior (tel.) +972-3-5168563 or at

Kindly provide as many details as possibly so we may to offer the best response to your query:

* Description of the problem.

* Browser name and version.

* Operating system details.

* Type of assistive technology (if used).

* A link to the page you browsed.

* Description of the action you attempted.

We will address the problem and update you as soon as possible.