In July 2008 Yesh Din published for the first time ever a data sheet that collects and analyzes the organization’s figures from its monitoring of the Samaria and Judea (SJ) District Police investigation files for offenses committed by Israeli civilians against Palestinians and their property in the West Bank.

The data sheet examines the handling of 205 investigation files opened between 2005 and 2008 and which Yesh Din monitored closely. The data showed that the rate of failure of SJ District Police investigations stands at 92 percent.

Out of 205 investigation files examined, police processing and prosecutorial reviews have been completed in 163 files. Out of those 163, only in 13 (8 percent) of the cases were indictments filed. One case filed was lost and never investigated, and 149 investigation files (91 percent) were closed without issuing any indictments against any suspects.

Additional figures that appear in the data sheet reveal that out of the 149 investigation files that were closed, 91 (61 percent) were closed on grounds of “perpetrator unknown,” while 43 cases (28 percent) were closed on grounds of “lack of evidence.”