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Human rights organizations to the Defense Minister: Gaza infrastructure collapsing

 Gaza Strip civilian infrastructure is collapsing. Israel must repair the infrastructure and refrain from harming technicians who set out to do this work



In unprecedented move, State to compensate Palestinian landowners on whose land an unauthorized outpost was built

  Following the State's violation of its undertaking to evacuate the unauthorized outpost of Amona, it will compensate the landowners who suited for loss of revenues



Human Rights Organizations: “Refrain from Collectively Punishing Palestinians.”

 Concern that many of the military’s actions in the Occupied Territories do not directly serve the aim of locating and returning the three abducted Israelis and are severely and unnecessarily violating basic human rights.



The Levy Report Ignores Hundreds of Supreme Court Rulings; Adopting its conclusions will result in grave infringement of the right to property

Deuel Lusky: “The Levy Report uses legal language and concepts, but it is not a legal report. It is a political report commissioned by the Israeli government in order to invent a retroactive ‘solution’ for the problem of the illegal outposts.” 


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