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“Standing Idly By” - a new ”Yesh Din” report


 The Israeli military shirks its obligation to protect the Palestinian population of the West Bank against offenses by Israeli citizens

“A Jew throws rocks – the soldiers will call the police. The soldiers won’t point their guns at him. They will not arrest him. They won’t do anything to him. The police likely won’t either, except for telling him off” (testimony of a staff sergeant from the Nahal Brigade).


Mock Enforcement | New Report and Data from Yesh Din


 Yesh Din publushed today (Sunday) a new report titled Mock Enforcement. The report examines law enforcement on Israeli civilians who harm Palestinians in the West Bank. Law enforcement failures lead to meager results in terms of the indictment and conviction of offenders.


Residents of the Village of Anata Petition High Court of Justice Demanding Return of Land Confiscated 40 Years Ago

The head of the village council of Anata and residents of the village petitioned the High Court of Justice this morning (Monday) through the human rights organization Yesh Din. The petition demands that the state nullify confiscation orders issued 40 years ago against their land and return the land to the petitioners. The petition relates to an area of tens of dunams in the vicinity of Ma’ale Adumim that has not been used since the 1970s.


Victory for Residents of the Village of Burka in Petition Submitted with the Assistance of Yesh Din against a Planned Mass Event on the Village's Land at Passover: Israel Police Opens Investigation against the Planners of the Event


 The State Attorney’s Office, on behalf of the Commander of IDF Forces in the West Bank and the Commander of the SJ District Police, this morning announced that they intend to take action to prevent a “pilgrimage” to land belonging to the Palestinian village of Burka (the former settlement of Homesh) planned by a group of Israelis. The announcement was made in response to a petition submitted by Yesh Din. The authorities added in their response that the Israel Police plans to open an investigation against the planners of the event.


Bassem Abu Rahmeh's mother demands HCJ stop authorities' foot-dragging and indict those responsible for killing her son


The mother of Bassem Abu Rahmeh, a resident of the West Bank village of Bil’in killed when a soldier fired a tear-gas canister at him, petitioned Israel’s High Court of Justice yesterday demanding that the Court compel the Military Advocate General (MAG) and the Attorney General to reach a decision concerning the appeal over the closing of the investigation file, and to indict the soldier who fired the canister along with any others bearing military command responsibility for the killing of her son.


Residents of the Village of Yasuf Petition the Supreme Court with the Assistance of Yesh Din Demanding the Eviction of the Illegal Outpost of Tapuach Ma'arav


 With the assistance of Yesh Din, the head of Yasuf village council and residents of the village today petitioned the Supreme Court demanding the eviction of the illegal outpost of Tapuach Ma’arav, which is situated close to the settlement of Kfar Tapuach in the Occupied Territories. The petition was submitted since the outpost was built illegally, is situated in part on privately-owned Palestinian land, and – above all – due to increasingly frequent incidents of violence between the residents of the outpost and residents of the Palestinian village.


Under the Radar | Israel's silent policy of transforming illegal outposts into official settlements


 Ten years after the publication of Adv. Talya Sasson's Outpost Report, Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din, in cooperation with the Rights Forum, exposes a dramatic shift in Israel's policy on illegal outposts. Since 2011, alongside the official, well-known track for government approval and advancement of building plans in the settlements, Israel has been advancing the establishment of new settlements and expanding the areas under its control in the West Bank using a secret parallel track of retroactively approving dozens of illegal outposts, sparing no effort along the way.


HCJ to state: Demolish nine structures in the settlement of Ofra

Israel’s High Court orders state to carry out demolition orders issued for nine structures in the settlement of Ofra, despite state objection. Court: Denying the petition would have sanctioned severe harm to Palestinian rights and rule of law, which is unacceptable

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