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HCJ: Construction in Havat Gilad Must be Removed within Two Weeks

  Justices Criticize the Violation of the Interim Decree and the State’s Position that New Construction on the Site Does Not Violate the Decree



Palestinian Landowner Asks Supreme Court to Nullify Seizure Order Issued against His Land in 1979 in Favor of the Settlement of Beit El

 Ahmad Abd al-Rahman Qassam petitioned the Supreme Court with the assistance of Yesh Din demanding the nullification of the seizure order issued against his land in 1979. Legal proceedings in recent years have shown that no military use has been made of the land, and the issuing of the order was deliberately concealed from Qassam. The state is attempting to approve unlawful construction on his land as part of the agreement to compensate Israeli settlers for the eviction of Givat HaUlpana.



State Seeks to Confiscate Private Palestinian Land for the Settlement of Ofra

 A petition submitted by residents of the Palestinian village of Ein Yabrud through Yesh Din asks the High Court of Justice to nullify a decision by the Environmental Subcommittee in the Supreme Planning Council. The decision seeks to grant retroactive approval to Ofra sewage plant, which was constructed illegally on privately-owned Palestinian land. The petitioners argue that the decision to approve the facility was motivated by alien considerations, and is also contrary to the state’s planning and environmental interests



Bassem Abu Rahmah’s Mother Asks High Court of Justice to End Procrastination in the Investigation of Her Son’s Death

The Bil’in resident whose story was featured in the film Five Broken Cameras was killed in April 2009, but the investigation into his death has still not been completed

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