Settler representatives withdraw purchase claim of some of the Ulpana neighborhood land

Settler representatives withdraw purchase claim of some of the Ulpana neighborhood land
Ulpana home walls in the new building site
The Jerusalem District Court rejected today the claim by the Amana Corporation, the Beit El Yeshiva Campus and al-Watan against the Palestinian landowners on whose land the "Ulpana neighborhood" outpost was built. This occurred at the request of the plaintiffs, who withdrew their claim of ownership of some of the neighborhood's land.

The rejection of the claim is an act of law that is equal to a verdict, which means a rejection of the claim by Amana and the Beit El Yeshiva Campus against two of the Palestinian landowners and cancellation of their claim in relation to the other Palestinian landowners, who had not been involved in the proceedings to this point.

This proceeding began in September 2011, only three days before the last hearing on the Ulpana petition at the High Court of Justice, as a move whose only purpose was to claim that "a proceeding is underway in the District Court." It was at that time that the claim was made to the Jerusalem District Court to provide declaratory remedy that the Amana Corporation, along with the Beit El Yeshiva Campus and al-Watan, were the owners of one of the plots in question.
The claim was based on an alleged sales agreement made in 2000, even though the Israel Police had already determined the "seller" was not the real owner of the land. Nonetheless, the Beit El Yeshiva Campus invaded the land and built the Ulpana neighborhood on it.

The retreat of the settlers' representatives from this claim reveals its true nature: a spurious proceeding whose entire purpose was to distract the HCJ judges and the public. This proves that the representatives of the settlers do not and never did have a solid claim of ownership to any of the lands, and that the entire process of building the neighborhood was based on theft of Palestinian land.

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