Yesh Din submited its research findings to the UN mission on the settlements

The human rights organization Yesh Din presented its research materials and reports to the international fact finding mission appointed to investigate the impact of the settlements on Palestinian rights in the West Bank. The organization presented the members of fact-finding mission with the data it has collected over a period of eight years, assembled in reports the organization published periodically about the status of human rights in the occupied territories.

Yesh Din calls on the government of Israel not to bury its head in the sand and to amend its decision to boycott the fact-finding mission. The question of settlement construction in the occupied territories is controversial inside Israeli society as well as being a permanent and constant point of contention between Israel and the international community - including countries considered close to Israel such as the US and EU member states.

Refusal of the Israeli government to cooperate with the fact-finding mission worsens our international standing and arouses suspicion that Israel has something to hide.

Full position paper submitted by Yesh Din to the fact finding mission
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