Law Enforcement upon Israeli Civilians in the West Bank

Yesh Din Monitoring, 2005-2011

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Law Enforcement upon Israeli Civilians in the West Bank
An updated data sheet on Yesh Din's monitoring of Police investigations of offenses against Palestinians.

The data sheet includes findings based on 781investigation files opened in recent years by the Judea and Samaria police, based on complaints filed by Palestinian citizens of the West Bank, that Yesh Din has been following.

The findings show that only 9 percent of investigations which Yesh Din is monitoring, have resulted in indictments filed against defendants. The vast majority of investigation files – more than 84% – were closed due to circumstances that indicate a failure of the investigation: most, following police failure to locate the criminals or collect sufficient evidence for prosecution, and some due to the loss of complaints and the apparently unjustified closure of investigation files on grounds of "lack of criminal culpability."

The failure rate is particularly high in the investigation of property crimes (such as arson, damage to property or crops, damage to trees, theft of agricultural produce etc.). Indictments were served in less than 3% of these cases. 95% of these files were closed in circumstances that indicate investigative failure.

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