Alleged Investigation

The failure of investigations into offenses committed by IDF soldiers against Palestinians

Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Alleged Investigation
"Alleged Investigation", published December 2011, reveals for the first time the systematic failures preventing the success of MPCID (Military Police Criminal Investigations Division) investigations of offenses committed by Israeli soldiers against Palestinians. The result of these failures is that 96.5% of complaints are closed without indictments being filed.

This report is based on 192 complaints monitored by the organization and on the analysis of the contents of 67 MPCID investigation files. The complaints and investigation files cover a wide spectrum of serious offenses against Palestinian civilians and their property including, acts of killing and injury, looting, theft and other property damage, violence, abuse of passers-by and detainees, and more.

The report reviews the main reasons for the failiure of MPCID investigations, among them: Lack of MPCID bases in the West Bank prevents the filing of complaints directly to the MPCID; professional flaws repeatedly found in MPCID investigations; victims withdraw complaints fearing revocation of their permits or harm by the soldiers against whom they complained; and the operational debriefing thwarts criminal investigation. The combination of these factors results in a negligible 3.5% of cases in which notices of alleged offenses actually led to criminal investigations which in turn resulted in indictments against defendants.

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