Professional Staff

Professional staff
Neta Patrick - Executive Director 
Alex Vinokorov – Financial and administrative assistant

Field Staff
Muhannad Anati - Field Researcher
Muhammed Shuqier - Field Researcher
Firas Alami - Field Researcher
Moneer Kadus – Field Researcher
Maysoon Badawi – Fiels Researcher
Yudit Avidor - Field Research Coordinator

Research Department
Ziv Stahl - Director of Research
Noa Cohen - Information Coordinator
Eyal Hareuveni - Researcher

International Advocacy Department
Birte Brodkorb – International Advocacy Director

Media Department
Gilad Grossman – Spokesman and Director of Media Department
Yossi Gurvitz – Author of Yesh Din blog “Isolated Incident”
Silan Dallal - New media coordinator 

Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel for Yesh Din is provided by the Michael Sfard Law Office

Atty. Michael Sfard
Atty. Emily Schaeffer Omer-Man
Atty. Noa Amrami

And Atty. Ishai Shneidor
Atty. Shlomy Zachary 
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