Professional Staff

Professional staff
Neta Patrick - Executive Director 
Alex Vinokorov – Financial and administrative assistant

Field Staff
Azmi Bdeir - Field Researcher
Muhannad Anati - Field Researcher
Muhammed Shuqier - Field Researcher
Firas Alami - Field Researcher
Moneer Kadus – Field Researcher
Maysoon Badawi – Fiels Researcher
Yudit Avidor - Field Research Coordinator

Research Department
Ziv Stahl - Director of Research
Noa Cohen - Information Coordinator
Eyal Hareuveni - Researcher

International Advocacy Department
Birte Brodkorb – International Advocacy Director

Media Department
Gilad Grossman – Spokesman and Director of Media Department
Yossi Gurvitz – Author of Yesh Din blog “Isolated Incident”
Silan Dallal - New media coordinator 

Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel for Yesh Din is provided by the Michael Sfard Law Office

Atty. Michael Sfard
Atty. Shlomy Zachary
Atty. Emily Schaeffer
Atty. Roni Pelli
Atty. Noa Amrami
Atty. Anu Luski

And Atty. Ishai Shneidor
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